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This page explains how to use the in-game World Map window rather than describe any player-made maps - which are all listed in the map section of the Astronomy and geography page.

To activate the Map window select the globe icon on the quickbar, enter the in-game options screen (default key is Esc) and select Map or press the default M on the keyboard.

Map overview

Xanadu - Freedom

The default map displayed is that of the server that current character is on. The only initial annotations are that of the spawn towns for the local server, marked by a pink house symbol.


There are four types of annotation;

  • fixed, which display the home or spawn towns for the local server. This is not the village which the character belongs but one of the locations, kingdom dependant, where one would spawn should they die.
  • private, which are annotations which a player may themselves make to a map. These can only be viewed by that character.
  • village, which are visible to, and may be deleted by, villagers in the same settlement. Villages can have up to 100 annotations.
  • alliance, which are visible to, and may be deleted by, allies in the same alliance. Alliances can have up to 150 annotations

To make an annotation right click in the position the note is to be made and select from one of the annotation types. Enter the name of the annotation, select an icon and hit OK. To delete an annotation simply right click on its icon and select Remove annotation.

It is possible to filter out any annotations made on the map by using the middle-left upper toggle buttons. In order; private, village and alliance. Fixed annotations will always remain.

Map controls

Using the magnifying glass, in the middle-right upper portion of the map, it is possible to get a closer view of the map, although it will not clarify the terrain, it will bring a portion of the map into focus. Useful if there are more than one annotation in a small area. Selecting the button again will zoom out. This can also be accessed by right clicking on the map.

Selecting the globe button will provide an overview of the server group, showing all islands attached along with their crossing locations. Clicking on one server will allow closer inspection of that map. Use the drop-down on the right to swap between the different server types.


  • The co-ordinates around the edges provide a fast method of describing a location to someone who may not have the same annotations.
  • Player locations are not marked on the map.
  • Terrain may change over so do not always assume the map is accurate.