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Main / Interface / Quickbar



The quickbar is a handy interface with buttons linked to common shortcuts and activities.


It includes 16 buttons in total:

  • Climbing: Toggle climbing mode on or off.
  • Faithful: Ignore or not religions limitations.
  • Lawful: Respect or not local laws
  • Stealth: Toggle the attempt to be invisible on or off.
  • Auto-Fight: Toggle fighting automatically on or off.
  • Sleep bonus: Toggle usage of sleep bonus on or off.
  • Quiver: Display the contents of an equipped quiver.
  • Backpack: Display the contents of an equipped backpack.
  • Inventory: Display the inventory window.
  • Skills: Display the skills window.
  • Character: Display the Character window.
  • Journal: Display the journal window.
  • Crafting: Display the crafting window.
  • Cooking: Display the cookbook.
  • World map: Display the in-game world map.
  • Main menu: Display the main menu

The quickbar can be shrunk to show only the climbing icon by right-clicking and selecting Partially Hide Window. The same action can restore the window to full-size. It can also be locked and hidden just as any other window via the right-click menu.