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Disclaimer: This article is not an official document. It attempts to accurately describe current policy and statements made by the developers, but should not be taken as binding or otherwise limiting. If an authoritative statement is required, it should be requested directly from Rolf.

This is a unofficial copy of the Wurm client resource pack release notes as posted by Mortimar and the other graphics developers on the website. Some people might find it interesting to see what has been changed over the past few months. I hope that people will be able to see just how busy Mojang has been. The section headings are the release dates.

The Resource Packs contain the graphic models, textures, animations and sounds for the Wurm Client.


wooden fence plan and gate (model improve), removed extra mapping of ash pile, added mapping for hots tower guard male and female, removed extra horse (models), removed wheel axel (model), removed oats (model), removed pileofflour (model), fixed butchered dog (mapping), changed dragon hatchling corpse (mappings), removed lantern pile and mapping, added salesman mappings for free kingdom male and female also for default female.


removed old texture (cobblestone, packeddirt), terrain texture improvements (cave, copper, gold, iron, lead, reinforced cave, silver, tin, zinc, dirt, lava, cobble, grass, gravel, packed dirt, grass sprite), barrel large and small, barrel unfinished small and large, anvil large and small.


gui texture (improve), libila scale (mapping fix), minedoor (mapping fix), dredge (reduced file size), dredge blade and pile (reduced file size, and fixed mapping error), white foal corpse (fixed model error), large anvil (new model) barrel large and small (new model), unfinished barrel (new model), fruit press and pile (new model), cheese drill and pile (new model), bucket (new model), lantern and pile (new model), troll with corpse and butchered (lowered file size), town token (new model).


bears brown and black(improved ready animation), portal, tower guards (free kingdom), male and female with corpses (free kingdom), tower (free kingdom), wood fence and gate (with animation), terrain textures: grass, dirt, packed dirt, sand, rock, cliff, gravel, cobble, slab, farm, moss, clay, mycelium, marsh, peat, enchanted grass, tar, lava, planks, cave, reinforced cave, copper vein, gold vein, iron vein, lead vein, tin vein, silver vein, zinc vein, steppe, tundra, grass sprite with flowers, steppe sprite, enchanted forest.


bears brown and black(improved walk, ilde also added ready and attack animation), gorilla (animations: walk,idle,ready,attack), scorpian (improved walk, idle also added ready, and attack animation), troll, corpse, butchered also (improved: walk, idle, ready and attack), butchered horses, butchered foals, fixed cave door models, yoke pile.


cave doors (models: wood, stone, gold, silver, metal), horse shoe, hunting arrow head (model improve) hunting arrow head pile, peg and pile, unfinished market stall, fountain (texture improve).


foal and corpse (brown, grey, black, gold, white).


jenn portal, traps (axe, corrosive, man, pole, sticks), acorn (file size lower), acorn pile (mapping pending), blueberry (mapping pending), small axe blade (model rotation), medium axe (model rotation), bag of keeping (model rotation), added brooktrout mappings, camellia pile, carved pumpkin (mapping pile added), armer chain and pile (added mapping and texture fix) chain armer (texture fix: foot, head, hand, torso, leg, sleeve), added mappings for pile of chain boot, chain coif, chain gauntlet, chain jacket, chain pants, chain sleeve, cheese pile (texture fix), pile of cherry, chisel blade pile, cordagerope pile (added mappings), dredge lips and pile, well and unfinished.


terrain textures (removed snow cover), palisade walls (removed snow cover), low stone wall (removed snow cover), grass and flower textures (removed snow cover), trees (snow cover removed).


cave doors (texture improve), medium maul pile, rudder and pile, two handed sword (fixed), hammer artifact, medium iron shield and pile (improved), summer hat, halloween pack.


unfinished boats (small rowing boat, sailing boat, caravel, knarr, corbita, cog), knarr (improved sail).


tallow pile, head board pile, black opal pile, steel bp pile, crows nest, diamond pile, star diamond pile, emerald star pile, leather belt pile, mast, rigs (various sizes), sail and pile, sailfish, tenon and pile, tuna, market stall, icons (8 new).


jenn male (model improve), butchered scorpion, goblin (improved model, improved texture, and added walk and idle animation), goblin leader (improved model, improved texture, and added walk and idle animation), small axe (improved model), small axe blade (improved model), small axe blade pile, weapons texture improved, unfinished foot board, improved troll texture, pile of pickaxe (model fix), added fetacheese pile mappings, added extra jenn tower guard mappings.


foot board pile, molr spirit guards (texture improve), butchered hots tower guards (fixed mappings), hots tower guards and corpses (fixed mappings), sickle blade pile, short sword blade pile, silver (texture improve), silver and brass street lamp, cow corpse (mapping fix), pig corpse (fixed mappings), pile of fish filet (mapping fix), pumpkin seed pile (added mappings), cotton seed pile (fixed mappings), molr spirit avenger (mapping fixed), molr male and corpse (model and texture improve), male hots and corpse (models and texture improve), female molr (texture improve), war arrow head pile, war arrow head (model improve), two handed sword (null test)

2008 Feb + March

(some updates may have gone unrecorded here)


added (more mappings for guards, corpses, and butchered), meat texture (improve), pickaxe (rotated model).


tin lump (fixed mappings), jenn guard tower (texture work), molr guard tower and unfinished, tower door texture (improved), molr guard (male and female), molr and corpse (male and female), hots and corpse (male and female), rake (model fix), added animations (dig, mining, cut down, drop, take, fighting).


two handed sword, pile, and blade (model and texture improve), long sword, pile, and blade (model and texture improve), short sword, pile, and blade (model and texture improve), (added extra mappings for brick), colossus brick and pile, carvingknife and pile (model improve), three types of dens, diamond star, ruby star, sapphire star, emerald star, dye pile, farwalker amulet, hook and pile, pickaxe and pile (model improve), rake and blade (model improve), tool texture improve, resurrection stone, whip, (added mappings for saucepan).


  • fish filet (fixed mappings), meat filet pile (fixed mappings), purple flower and pile (model), yellow flower pile, bartender (improved model, texture, and added idle animation), snowman (xmas pack entry), writ (model and texture improve, added mappings for merchant writ), metal brush.


  • fixed santa eye, julbord, street lamp (copper), street lamp head and pile, street lamp head (copper), small sailing boat, coins (lowered file size), coin pile.


  • camellia bush (texture improvement), rose bush (texture improvement), hunting arrow (model resized), war arrow (model resized), arrow shaft and pile (model resized), hunting arrow pile, war arrow pile, campfire (model and texture improvements, also added different wood types), coal pile (model and texture improvement), log (texture improvements, also added different wood types), log pile (texture improvements), training doll and unfinished (model and texture improvements), palisade gate plan, quiver (model improvements), fixed keymold pile mappings, quiver pile, toolbelt (texture improvements), cochineal and pile.


  • apple tree (reduced file size, and improved texture), birch tree (improved texture), cedar tree (improved texture), lemon tree (reduced file size and improved texture), maple tree (reduced file size and improved texture), pine tree (improved texture), willow tree (improved texture), lava spider corpse, palisade gate, wall, and plan (reduced file size, and improved texture), mt lion butchered.


  • oil lamp, pendulume, chain armor (foot, head, hand, torso, sleeve, pants), sandwich, steel bp (texture fix), stone house wall plan (model improve), charm of fo, removed halloween pack.


  • pumpkin and pile (model change to jack o lantern).


  • palisade gate (model improve, with new animation), male (face and body texture improve), salesman (model and texture improve, with idle animation), halloween pack (skeleton, and dark skeleton, as tower guards, and ghost as town guards), jack o lantern and pile.


  • catapult (texture improve), catapult unfinished (texture improve, lowered file size), crocodile corpse (model improve, lowered file size), butchered crocodile, butchered huge spider, cave ore: copper, iron, silver, zinc, gold, lead, tin (texture improve), cave ore lead (mapping fix), new icons 75, moved icons 3, improved icons 8.


  • male and female (model and texture improve) with emote animations: wave, point, cry, slap, laugh, and bow. colossus (statue size increased and some model changes), colossus unfinished (scaffolding added), lemon pile, healing cover pile, yellow flower (set as default flower for the other colors), forest giant (model selection fixed, temporarily removed walk animation), light altar (removed unused texture mappings, and fixed texture bug).


  • barrel large and small unfinished, bench, female salesman, pile of items, large and small sign ( file size lowered), colossus brick pile (now using pileofstonebrick), statue of colossus and unfinished.


  • village token (model and texture improve), spindle pile (texture fix), kyclopes (texture fix), terrain texture (clay, cobblestone, dirt, packed dirt, marsh, mycelium, sand, stoneslabs) distance cave (texture change), crocodile and corpse (model and texture improve, with walk animation).


  • goblin corpse (fix)


  • lowered file size for the following models: boy statue, dark altar, demon statue, girl statue, light altar, nymph statue, troll statue, libila statuette gold and silver, magranon statuette gold and silver, troll and corpse, troll king and corpse, santa and corpse, evil santa and corpse.


  • armchair and unfinished (resize), chair and unfinished (resize), ruby, scorpion and corpse (model improvement), forest giant (walk animation), fruit press (model improvement), fruit press pile, floor boards unfinished, optional3 and 4 (file size reduced), black bear and butchered (texture improve), texture file size lowered (base, optional1, and optional7), static position changed for some hand tools (optional7), spirit cottage, spirit castle, spirit house, spirit mansion.


  • silver arm ring, texture fix (ball copper, and ball iron), silver ball, dragon egg (texture improve), silver ring, satchel (model and texture improve), satchel pile (model and texture improve), statuette fo (gold and silver), statuette vynora (gold, and silver), statuette magranon (gold, and silver), statuette libila (gold, and silver), tall stone wall (model improve), wheel (texture fix), wheel pile (texture fix), wooden shield pile (texture fix), carving knife pile (fix), all male and female guards (walk and idle animation).


  • medium axe (model), light altar (model and texture improve), dark altar (model and texture improve), red dragon and corpse (model and texture improve with walk animation), dragon hatchlings green, black, and white with corpse (model and texture improve with walk animation), statuette fo, vynora, magranon, and libila, iron saw (model fix), pile of hide.


  • fixed pottery (clay flask, clay bowel, pile of pottery flask), mortar pile, gate lock, stone wall plan, sounds fixed (woodcutting3, fixed carvingknife, added mallet 1 and 2), wheel axle pile, finefishing rod pile, awl pile, leather pile, flour and pile (model and texture improve), twisted horn pile (new model and a texture improve), potato and pile (texture fix), scythe and blade (texture fix model resize), deer (walk animation), bull (walk animation), pig (walk animation), training doll unfinished.


  • easter bunny (walk animation), hatchet.


  • human male and female (improved walk animation), icon lavender (texture fix), troll (walk animation, texture improve, model improve, with updated corpse), troll king (walk animation, texture improve, model improve, with updated corpse), mt lion (walk animation, improved texture), cavebug (walk animation), butchered tower guards now use corpse model.





  • female walk and idle animation, large rat walk and idle animation


  • chicken walk and idle animation, hen walk and idle animation, rooster walk and idle animation, lava fiend walk and idle animation, male walk and idle animation, cow walk and idle animation


  • daffodil texture


  • arrow aim sound, arrow stuck sound, arrow shot sound, door open sound (improved), door close (improved), smithing polish sound, plank terrain texture (texture improve), unfinished wooden table, street lamp


  • gold altar (texture improve), silver altar (texture improve), thorn bush (model and texture improve), small cart (model and texture improve), small cart unfinished, distance stone house (wall, window, door), leather strip, scissors blade pile, trowel, trowel pile, trowel blade, trowel blade pile, wheel axel (model and texture fix), woad, woad pile, mortar, lock pick pile, lava fiend corpse, pile of items (model and texture improve), sound emotes ( applaud, call, chuckle, cry, curse, disagree, fart, insult, kiss, laugh, spit, tease, wave), smithing polish sound now using carpentry polish, destroywall sound now using woodcutting3, icons (74 new ones and 4 improved), rose bush (model and texture improve), camellia bush (model and texture improve), removed old shovel, added mappings for pile of gate lock, added mappings for pile of bowstring


  • chair unfinished, bed sheet, clay and pile (texture fix), lava creature, small rowing boat, correct mappings for distant window


  • black wolf paw pile, female model (improved texturing and model), female butchered and new corpse as well, female saleslady, rose bush (model improvements), spyglass, wooden stool (model improvements), wooden stool unfinished, willow tree (model improvements), removed (xmas tree and all distance tree and bush images)


  • rose bush (model and texture improve), apple tree and lemon tree (texture darker), tundra (texture darker), sounds (leaf rustle, lockunlock, masonry, temper, steelandflint) (fixed), scythe (new sound), pack (new sound), thatched roof (new texture), stone house (models and texture not implemented), removed old stone house (models and textures), cobblestone (new texture), gravel (now has old cobblestone texture), hookstring (now using stingofclothe), charcoal pile (fixed), added mappings for fishing string (using string of cloth mappings), xmas pack: xmas tree


  • camellia bush (model and texture), sound (leaf rustle, lockunlock, masonry, steel and flint, and tempering), sound door and close (lowered the sound abit), marsh (texture improve), mycelium (texture improve), rock (texture improve), sand (texture improve), necklace (gold and silver model and texture), small padlock pile


  • female tower guard hots (model and texture)


  • black wolf, corpse, and butchered (model and texture improve), black wolf paw, charcoal, dog, dog corpse and butchered (model and texture impove), flint pile, fruit press unfinished, lemon, oat pile, olive pile, stone coffin unfinished, wooden spatula pile, yoyo pile


  • new pack setup (added more folders to help reduce update failure, and organized things abit), unfinished large chest, new female guard models, thyme and pile, temp Halloween pack: jack o lantern (changed pumpkin texture), bats (changed the butterfly's), ghost (spirit guards)


  • guard tower (model and texture improve), dark tower (model and texture improve), wooden house (walls extended), large barrel unfinished, small barrel unfinished, bucket unfinished, strawberry pile, bed frame unfinished, loom unfinished, crocodile and corpse, scorpion and corpse, mappings for most unfinished items fixed


  • Replacement models and textures as follows: candelabra (copper, gold, silver), coalpile, fire texture, fishingpole and pile, hazelnut, kindling and pile, log and pile, pumpkin and pile, raft and unfinished, support beam and pile, training doll (new head), wooden fence and plan (model with distance png), wooden gate and plan (model with distance png)


  • stone altar unfinished, wooden altar unfinished, armchair unfinished, catapult unfinished, round table unfinished, small square table unfinished, archery target unfinished, bull and corpse (texture improve), bull butchered, pelt pile (fix), support beam pile (fix), woodenshield pile (texture fix), cheesedrill pile, wemp plant pile, seeds and pile (defult model for wemp,cotton, and pumpkin), grape bush, 44 new icons, removed the elf model, removed the xmas house, removed the dude model with the santa hat


  • cobble stone (texture improve), sand (texture improve), gravel (texture improve), tundra (texture improve), lemon tree (texture improve), steak and pile (model improve), stone oven (model and texture fix), unfinished stone oven, unfinished small raft, unfinished support beam.


  • texture fixes and improvements: gold altar, silver altar, green apple, bread and pile, candle, cauldron and pile, charcoal, cheese, cheese drill, cherry, chisel and pile, chisel blade, cotten and pile, dough and pile, fruit press, gorilla, blue grapes, green grapes, large iron shield, maple/sap, tar and pile

new and improved models: rose flower and pile, sprout and pile, tower guard jen and hots, wooden hammer head and pile, wooden hammer pile


  • barley and pile (used as defult for barley, wheat, and rye), casserole (also used for pile), cole pile unfinished, corn and pile (model and texture fix), crop texture (color improve), garlic and pile, guard tower unfinished, lavender flower, parsley and pile ( used for parsley, basil, oregano), meat filet (now useing meat model), meat filet pile (now useing meat pile model), water (texture fix, and now used for liquid defult), pig food (also used for pile), scissors, scissor blade, wemp fiber and pile, deleted doubled mappings for meat and steak


  • clay shaper (model improve), clay shaper pile, maple tree, lemon tree, compass, red dragon corpse, drake black with corpse, drake green with corpse, drake white with corpse, forest giant (model fix with texture improve), hoof pile, long bow pile, short bow pile, medium bow pile, black mushroom and pile (model and texture improve), blue mushroom and pile (model and texture improve), brown mushroom and pile (model and texture improve), green mushroom and pile (model and texture improve), red mushroom and pile (model and texture improve), yellow mushroom and pile (model and texture improve), peat, peat pile, pile of back packs (texture fix), pile of clay (texture fix), pile of grind stone (texture fix), town token (texture improve), unfinished item pile, unicorn and corpse (texture improve), unicorn butchered, pine and cedar (texture improve)


  • ash and pile (texture fix), belladonna and pile, clay jar (model fix), fish filet and pile, goblin and corpse (texture improve), goblin butchured, low stone wall plan (model improve), low stone wall (texture improve), human male butchered, wemp plant, wooden shield (texture fix), clay, dirt, moss, packed dirt, peat, steppe, target (texture improve)


  • 2 handed sword (model and texture improve), 2 handed sword pile, long sword (model and texture improve), long sword pile, short sword (model and texture improve), short sword pile, bass pile, brook trout pile, carp pile, herring pile, catfish pile, perch pile, roach pile, snook pile, corpse (model and texture improve), red dragon, large egg, dark altar (texture fix), fallen apple tree (texture fix), fallen birch tree (texture fix), iron lantern (reduced tries), iron lantern pile, key form, key form pile, key mold pile, large pad lock pile, lock picks, string of cloth (texture fix)

string of cloth pile (texture fix), tooth (texture fix), tooth pile, bartender (model and texture improve), spirit avenger, spirit brute, spirit guard, spirit sentry, spirit templar (texture improve), spirit shadow (texture improve)


  • basinet helm, gauntlet, sabatons, sleeve plate, steel leggings, brest plate, scabbard (model and texture fix), long sword (model fix), black opal, opal, sapphire (model and texture fix), emerald (model and texture improve), finger of fo, ear of vynora, spirit templar, spirit shadow, fallen apple (model fix), fallen birch (model fix), fallen cedar (model fix), rose bush (fix)


  • cobblestone (texture fix), gravel, lava (texture fix), marsh, stoneslabs, tundra


  • spider and corpse (model resize), planks, cobblestone, moss, steepe, cliff, butchered pig


  • brown bear and corpse (texture improve), butchered brown bear, black bear and corpse (texture improve), butchered black bear, butchered cow, butchered deer, hyena and corpse (texture improve), butchered hyena, large rat and corpse (model and texture improve), butchered large rat, wild cat and corpse (model resize and texture improve), butchered wild cat, butchered wild boar, enchanted grass, lava, peat, tar, libila's scale, orb of doom, sword of magranon


  • pig and corpse (texture improve), sellsmen (texture fix), wild boar and corpse (model and texture improve)


  • bass fish, brooktrout fish, carp fish, catfish, herring fish, perch fish, pike fish, roach fish, snook fish, deer and corpse (model and texture improve)


  • chicken (model resize), chicken corpse (model resize), cow (texture improve), cow corpse (model and texture improve), hen (model resize and improve), hen corpse (model resize and improve), rooster (model resize), rooster corpse (model resize), pheasant (model resize), pheasant corpse (model resize), easter egg (model improve and resize), easter egg pile, egg (model resize), egg pile, huge club pile, mappings fixed for sentry guards (set to defult hots guards)


  • deer, deer corpse, mountain lion (model and texture improve), mountain lion corpse (model and texture improve), pheasant, pheasant corpse


  • easter bunny, easter bunny corpse, easter egg, egg, needle (mappings fix), spider, spider corpse, bull corpse, calf corpse, chicken (model fix), chicken corpse, dog corpse, hen (model fix), hen corpse, rooster (model fix), rooster corpse, cow tail pile


  • altar of three (model and texture fix), arrow shaft pile, bull, calf, chicken, dog, hen, rooster, lump pile, cherry, illusionary item, salt


  • arm ring, hunting arrowhead pile, war arrow head, war arrow, medium bow, short bow, chisel pile, wooden fishing hook pile, olives, rope tool, dog statue (model change), torch, waterskin


  • long bow, archery target, fallen birch tree (texture fix), lingonberry pile, new sounds: cow hit, dragon hit, horse hit, lion hit, pig hit, wolf hit, cow death, dragon death, lion death, pig death, wolf death, fixes: day crickets, fire, heavy rain, light rain, bird 1, bird 2, bird 3, bird 4, bird 5, bird 6, bird 7, bird 8, bird 9, crows, hawk, owl, bear hit, female hit, male hit, rat hit, troll hit, soft creak, fill container barrel, fill container bucket, fill container jar, carvingknife, polish, rasp, saw, hammer, whetstone, falling tree, miss large, miss med, parry1, parry2, parry3, metal shield, wood sheild, bear death, close door, open door, branchsnap, water, hammer1, hammer2, digging1, digging2, digging3, prospecting1, prospecting2, prospecting3, mining1, mining2, mining3, woodcutting1, woodcutting2, woodcutting3


  • 2hsword blade, longsword blade, shortsword blade, onion, pile of nails (pile of small nails), gold altar, silver altar, wooden altar, carvingknife, pile of carvingknife, carvingknife blade, ash pile, huge axe head, small axe head, leather, oat (mappings fix), marker, cauldron pile, copper ball, cow hoof, cow tail, diamond (model fix), emerald (model fix), male corpes (texture fix), female corpes, flint, rose flower pile, fur pile, fork, green grapes, blue grapes, twisted horn, rake blade, gold ring, sap (used same model for maple), scythe, scythe blade, spoon, shovel blade, sickle blade, spindle pile (texture fix), steel and flint, steel and flint pile, strawberry, string of clothe, string of clothe pile, tannin, tar pile, water pile, yo yo, zombie human male, armour chain, armour chain pile, fallen apple tree, fallen birch tree, fallen cedar tree, frying pan pile


  • ash (model fix), clay bowl pile, pottery bowl pile, clay flask pile, pottery flask pile, clay jar (model fix), clay jare pile, pottery jar (model fix), pottery jar pile, fur, cheesedrill, fallen pine, fallen pine pile, copper needle, pile of needles, rose flower, nettle, oats


  • pile of pile of dirt ( mappings fix), wooden sheild


  • diamond, gem emerald, female (model and texture fix), forestgiant, fruitpress, pile of handles, pile of dirt (model fix), pile of sand ( model fix), pile of pile of dirt (model fix), pile of pile of sand (model fix), iron ribbon, pile of iron, ribbon, spatula, thorn bush, wooden shield pile, lightend stone texture for statues


  • awl blade, kyclopes, pile of fishingpole, pile of grindstone, pile of rope, pile of satchel, pile of stoneslab


  • rope, rake (model fix), rag (model fix), pile of steel and flint, pile of saw, pile of rake, pile of rags, pile of pumkin, pile of axe, coal pile, evil altar, pile of shovel, birch tree, apple tree, leather items: belt, boot, cap, gloves, jacket, pants, sleeve, wound handle, iron leather knife, iron leather knife blade, studded leather: boots, cap, glove, jacket, pants, sleeve, padlock large and small, scabbard


  • black bear corpse, brown bear corpse, cavebug corpse, cow corpse, evil santa corpse, santa corpse, goblin corpse, goblin leader corpse, gorilla corpse, hyena corpse, large rat corpse, mountain lion corpse, pig corpse, salesmen corpse, troll corpse, troll king corpse, unicorn corpse, black wolf corpse, wild boar corpse, wild cat corpse, meat pile, cooked meat pile, light altar, club model (model fix), anvil pile


  • Statuette Gold model/texture, Statuette Silver model/texture, pile of keys model, unicorn model/texture, goblin leader model/texture, trollking model/texture, pile of whet stones model, male corpse model, troll tooth model, pile of pickaxes model, pickaxe (model fix), pile of potato model


  • Bartender, cavebug, demon (model fix), supportbeam (model fix), pile of supportbeam, sellsmen, stoneslab (model fix), female, cave ore (textures), rags


  • some male character model fixes, goblin model, demon statue model, saw, rake, mappings fixed on the picaxe


  • pine (model fix), nymph statue


  • added/changed: Small catapult model/texture, rabid hyena model/texture, Wild cat model/texture, guard model/texture, adjusted player model, olive model, pine model/texture, cedar model, troll model/texture, statue of troll model, acorn model/texture, iron file model, iron awl model, clay key mold model, cooked meat/texture, heap of sand model, tar model/texture, clayshaper tool model


  • candle and pile of candle, cheese and pile of cheese, cotten and pile of cotten, dough and pile of dough, flour and pile of flour, greenapple and pile of greenapple, tallow, bladder and pile of bladder, cookedmeat, large nails, small nails, milk, eye, meat, potato, steak, water, bread and pile of bread, gland and pile of gland, stone slab, girl statue


  • male model, boy statue, dog statue, pig


  • mountain gorilla, cherry tree, cow, a change for the willow tree, some landscape texture fixes, mappings for the stone house