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Historical settlement

This settlement existed on an older map of Wurm.


Members of the "Universal Zealots Inc." Guild founded the Zealots Refuge many months ago. During the passing age it has been built to completion, abandoned, and re-built to a grander scale. Now actively occupied once more by UZI members, the Zealots Refuge has expanded it's boundaries and increase it's influence. With a completed road to the main Expressway traffic can flow easily into our town. We have begun clearing a tunnel straight through the escartment as a replacement to the original highway we had built. This will link ZR to the NT-CS Expressway in a faster less exposed manner. Our second tower, as part of the co-ordinated Expressway security measure has been completed at the intersection of our highway and the NT-CS Expressway. Our animals are plentiful and maintained in a large pen with a sectioned chicken coop. Our area is known for spawning alot of Pigs and chickens and Vorg has collected them from far and wide to hold here. The fields are contained inside a large Stone walled area behind the Village for farming security.

At the South side there is a Section of the town deed partially exposed and covered on 3 sides with Tall walls. This area acts as a Attack safty zone, where people can go if they are being chased by wild animals. Once inside the zone the animal will be attacked by our Guards yet the safety of the village is not at risk. NOTE: This area is being sealed up now that the sorounding areas are protected by Guard towers. As Such please take any attacking animals to the towers for there dismissal. Thank you.

Our first Guard Tower has Been Placed next to the Access highway and helps defend all incoming people from any attacks while passing through our territory. its range is limited however to 1/2 way up the closest hill side on the Access road. The second tower has been planted at the convergence of our highway and the NT-CS expressway. It will server as a Waypoint with water available and to extend the protected area out onto the Main expressway. 3 Additional tower have been placed on the correspondin corners around ZR to create a larger defended area.

We are continually changing the surrounding landscrap, removing the over crowded Lemon tree forest that had been this areas Bane and replanting then with Oak, Birch, Cedar, Pine and Willow. Our Goal is to eliminate the Lemon infestation completely from the East side of our access road while maintaining a small lemon population between ourselves and Kyara


Alliance Citizens

  • Animats (Mayor) + (Miner/Woodsmen/Carpenter)
  • Yetielder (Co-Mayor) + (Woodsmen/Carpenter)

Shops & Buildings

  • At present we are currently selling many of our Animals to due a reginal abundance. PM 'Vorg' or 'Acesfury' ingame for more details
  • --Future armor shop planed-- vendor house build but not yet manned.


  • Trabquility view - From the gates of our town you can look out over the valley and the lake nessled at the foot of the mountain.
  • The Refuge- A 3-sided section of Tall stone wall where predators can be dragged in and killed by guards. NOTE: This area has been sealed off following the completetion of the sorrounding guard towers.
  • ZR's Sun tanning area- At the base of the hill next to our town is a large flat section of land set aside for relaxing at the lake side. Swimming Fishing and odd crafts are always encouraged.
  • The Water Guard- Down at the waters edge a small pennisula has been made to facilitate the final towers placement. this caused the guards to be water rats at almost all times. come watch the fun.


From Newtown's landbridge, follow it onto the sand-lined highway and take a left when the opportunity presents itself. About 10 minutes of walking down the road you Will see a large side road going off to the Left and Up the hill.There are 2 signs located at the cross. One shows distence to Cliffside and one show the Distence to Zealots Refuge. 3 minutes down that path will open up into a view of our town.

From Cliffside follow the Main Highway back towards NT. Past the Brown Bear Inn. After roughly 10 mins you will come up over a slight hill and see a large road leading off to your right. The are 2 signs there one of which points off towards Zealots Refuge the other back towards Cliffside. 3 minutes down that path will open up into a view of our town.

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