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Historical settlement

This settlement existed on an older map of Wurm.


Brown Bear Cove was a small village located on the Home Server, about twenty minutes north of Newtown. It was named after the large amount of Brown Bears that inhabit the area and the small cove which the village centers around. Brown Bear Cove was deeded as a homestead while the three citizens gathered enough currency to purchase a village deed. They never did.



  • BEWAREZ OF SHARKZ (Maincorpse's house)
  • Surplusxmas's Forest Home
  • Brown Bear Cove Shed
  • Tigiot's House

Brown Bear Inn

The citizens of Brown Bear Cove also managed Brown Bear Inn, an eight tile building, which also served as a food merchant, safe haven, and resting place about 22 to 25 minutes north of Newtown on the highway. Brown Bear Inn was under construction at the time of the Wurmageddon.

Neighboring Towns