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A white egg from a bird.

A small egg laid by a hen which can be eaten raw, used in cooking or let hatch into a chicken.

Eggs can also be found by foraging.


Eggs decay similarly to other food items. When they have fully decayed, a chicken may hatch.

Both foraged eggs and eggs laid by hens have a chance to be fertile or infertile. Upon examining an egg, you will see if it is fertile or not. Note that any egg stored in a bulk container is no longer fertile.

  • Eggs must be placed on a Grass, Dirt tile, or Crops in order to hatch. Eggs left on enchanted grass or a rock tile will not hatch.
  • The egg must be fertile to have a chance of hatching.
    • 10% of eggs will hatch into chicks, though this percentage likely varies based on creature populations.


  • Eggs weigh 0.10 and are always quality 99 if they are dropped from a hen.
  • Eggs found through foraging vary in quality, depending on your foraging skill.
  • Renaming the egg sets the name for the hatched chick. However it does not keep the name when it becomes a Hen or Rooster
  • The hatched chick will appear below you on the ground floor if you are on a higher floor at the time of hatching.
  • Eggs can be stored in a food storage bin
    • Note that eggs stored in a fsb no longer have the ability to be hatched.
  • Eggs also contain the unusual nondestructive ability to be "sucked", as right-clicking on an egg gives the option to Suck Egg. It will give you a weird feeling. This option is only available if you have no item active.