Enchanted grass

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Enchanted grass
A Enchanted grass
  • Max flat speed: 12.20km/h
  • Can be created by players?: Yes
  • Underground: No


Enchanted grass is a special type of tile that can be created by using the Path of Love ability 'Enchant' on a normal grass tile. Herbivorous animals like horses can graze on it with less than typical degradation, and it provides a healing bonus to all wounds when stood upon.


  • Acts as a potency 4 healing cover when stood on.
  • Sprouts and flowers cannot be planted on enchanted grass.
  • Cannot be foraged or botanized.
  • Does not amass collectible snow during the Wurm winter.
  • Does not spread or otherwise occur naturally.
  • Can be trapped.
  • The enchant ability used to create enchanted grass tiles has an 18-hour cooldown period between uses.
  • Enchanted grass has an unknown chance to revert to grass on deeds with a good ratio when an animal grazes on it. If the deed has a bad ratio (less than 15 tiles per animal), the enchanted grass tile then has a higher chance of reverting to grass when grazed upon. Off-deed, enchanted grass also has a chance to revert to grass when grazed upon.


Enchanted grass is not destroyed by digging or dropping dirt, but it can be removed by packing it with a shovel, levelling, or cultivating it (turning it into dirt). Fire pillar, Ice pillar, and Corrupt spells can also be used to remove it and turn it to sand, marsh, or mycelium. It cannot be dispelled.

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