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Enchanted grass
A Enchanted grass

Max flat speed: 12.20km/h
Terrain type: Enchanted
Player made: Yes
Underground: No


Path of Love ability.



Enchanted grass is a special type of tile that can be created by using the Path of Love ability 'Enchant' on a normal grass tile. Herbivorous animals like horses can graze on it without causing typical degradation, and it provides a healing bonus to all wounds when stood upon.


  • Acts as a potency 4 healing cover when stood on.
  • Sprouts and flowers cannot be planted on enchanted grass.
  • Cannot be foraged or botanized.
  • Does not amass collectable snow during the Wurm winter.
  • Does not spread or otherwise occur naturally.
  • Can be trapped.
  • The enchant ability used to create enchanted grass tiles has an 18-hour cooldown period between uses.
  • Enchanted grass has a 1 in 240 chance to revert to grass on deeds with a good ratio when an animal grazes on it. If the deed has a bad ratio (less than 15 tiles per animal), the enchanted grass tile then has a 1 in 120 chance of reverting to grass when grazed upon. Off-deed, enchanted grass has a 1 in 80 chance to revert to grass when grazed upon.


Enchanted grass is not destroyed by digging or dropping dirt, but it can be removed by packing it with a shovel. Fire pillar, Ice pillar, and Corrupt spells can also be used to remove it and turn it to sand, marsh, or mycelium. It cannot be dispelled.

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