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== Tips ==
== Tips ==
* Max QL of Casserole is 2x your [[Hot food cooking]] Skill
* Max QL of Casserole is 2x your [[Hot food cooking]] skill

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A dish of somewhat good nutrition, mainly cooked and consumed by newcomers. Usually started by mixing botanised Items with foraged items. This dish may also be prepared with fish or meat, which will make it bigger. A casserole will decay at a slower rate when stored within certain types of containers like a pottery bowl. Sometimes also used as a commodity for bartering when made up of high QL and preferential infrequent ingredients.


Since hot food cooking is a very versatile skill when put into practice, you will find the following information beneficial to newcomers when preparing a basic casserole - it is not the only, definite way to make one - this provides a good start on learning how.

To start place 2 botanised Items and 2 foraged items (excluding onions, garlic, and some nuts: some may help 'cook' a casserole yet won't be consumable once casserole is done; ie. nuts) in a pottery bowl, then put into a stone oven, stone forge, or campfire until cooked. Dish is cooked when contents inside pottery bowl change to casserole. Once cooked, casserole can be examined to see what it is made of.

Please note that for dish to become a substantial casserole it must be started with 2 botanised Items and 2 foraged items, or it may yield a low QL casserole or stew. Examine pottery bowl as you add items to determine dish status until casserole appears. Adding more items (in more or less equal proportions) to pottery bowl will help casserole QL and weight to go up to max. Keep in mind that overall QL of cooked casserole will always be determined and maxed by Hot food cooking skill.

Some Recipes

Note: May become stew depending on # of ingredients.

Tools required

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Resulting product

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