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Hot food cooking (HFC) is a skill used to create cooked food by combining ingredients in a container and heating in a cooker.


  • To gain HFC skill, optimal skill gain will occur when the difficulty is your HFC skill -20. Skill gain is reduced the further from optimal difficulty you get. At 1 skill, aim for the lowest difficulty in order to have a better chance of gaining skill. Right-clicking on the container and selecting Lore lets you check the difficulty of the recipe.
  • Rumours have circulated that you will not gain any hfc skill if you leave the forge/oven/campfire. This has been proven wrong. You do not have to stand shackled to the heat source.

Skills & Characteristics


  • Caterer at 50 skill
  • Iron chef at 70 skill
  • Saucier at 90 skill
  • Legendary Chef at 100 skill

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