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The Wurmpedia is a player driven encyclopedia for the game Wurm Online. Anyone with a registered Wurmpedia account may contribute to the database, for information on how to obtain an account click here. The information on the Wurmpedia is gathered by the players as Wurm Online is considered a Sandbox of Discovery, however from time to time we do get information provided to us by developers to aid us in our quest for knowledge. The Wurmpedia currently has 2,997 articles and more are being added all of the time! Why not write one yourself or begin reading?

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Wurm Unlimited is the second game to be released by Code Club AB and features much of the same content as Wurm Online but is not linked to the official servers. Instead players are able to host their own servers, either locally or on a dedicated machine, so that they may have their own private world with their friends or even open the world publicly for everyone to enjoy.

The Wurmpedia is a resource dedicated to Wurm Online, however since much of the content is shared we will attempt to provide some helpful information on the tools and systems made available to players through the release of Wurm Unlimited. Articles dedicated to Wurm Unlimited will bear the relevant logo. Although articles such as items and skills will remain somewhat relevant to Wurm Unlimited, the Wurmpedia will only be supporting these for Wurm Online. Ergo; take caution when researching in-game mechanics on the Wurmpedia while playing Wurm Unlimited.

Join us on IRC (, #wurmunlimited)!