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Patch Notes 16-APR-2024

Server Changelog

  • New: Various banners can now be placed on walls.
  • Change: Placing or resizing a deed is no longer possible within 40 tiles of a server border.
  • Change: Boats should now only appear on water tiles after crossing a server border.
  • Change: Added a warning messsage when placing burnable rare/supreme/fantastic items, non-bulk items or undiscardable bulk items into a furnace.
  • Change: Added a warning message for the driver/commander when disembarking a vehicle that has no lock attached.
  • Change: Added a warning message when removing a lock from a vehicle.
  • Change: It now is no longer possible to push, pull, drag or place items onto lava tiles.
    • This doesn’t apply to items which are already on lava.
    • This doesn’t apply if you are the owner of the item, the last player who dropped it or if you have permission to bash the item.
  • Bugfix: Unbinding arrow bundles will now ignore sleep powders and coins for the 100 items limit in inventory.
  • Bugfix: Aggressive creatures will now no longer ignore passengers on mounts running past.
  • Bugfix: Old copper needles created prior to the metal properties update can now be improved again.

Client Changelog

  • Bugfix: Fixed client crashing when tabbing out while still in loading screen.

Patch Notes 26-MAR-2024

Server Changelog

  • Change: Brazier stands and brazier bowls can now be made from any metal type, not just copper.

Patch Notes 13-FEB-2024

Server Changelog

  • New: Added the kick action to Christmas parts to toggle their particle effects.
  • Change: If a kingdom ruler is currently a citizen of a village that is creating a PMK, they must now be removed from the village first.
  • Bugfix: Resource nodes are no longer destroyed instantly if the action is stopped prematurely.
    • Instead, the next action that collects resources from that node will have a percentage penalty to the number of items they can get.
    • If a player stops after collecting 3 of 4 possible items for example, the next collect action from that node will have a 75% reduction in the number of items found.
    • To prevent possible abuse, the number of items found by the next player will always be rounded down to the closest whole number.
  • Bugfix: Fixed empty equipped saddles showing the wrong model.
  • Bugfix: Fixed some issues with leading creatures near water and bridges.
  • Bugfix: Items placed on walls should no longer fall to the ground from shockwaves caused by the floor changing.
  • Bugfix: Removed the twist that some items like lamps or carpets had gained when placed on the ground.

Client Changelog

  • Bugfix: Slightly widened the “Quantity” column in the crafting recipe list window to prevent the column header and some material weight texts from getting cut off.
  • Bugfix: Fixed console message spam and improved console messages related to keybinds.

Patch Notes 23-JAN-2024

Server Changelog

  • Change: Server performance and stability improved. Big player gatherings should lag the server a lot less now.

Patch Notes 16-JAN-2024

Server Changelog

  • Change: Server performance and stability improved.
  • Change: Large barrels, large amphoras and felled trees can now be loaded into vehicles and hauled with ropes.
  • Change: Items that can be both loaded and picked up can now be moved from the player’s inventory into vehicles or other containers.
  • Bugfix: Trade chat messages are no longer affected by player alcohol level.
  • Bugfix: Fixed saddle sacks sometimes showing the wrong model when equipped.
  • Bugfix: Fixed the increased sickle swing timer getting applied against all creatures on PvP servers instead of just players.
  • Known issue: Empty saddles (without bags or sacks inside) may visually appear as bags. This will be fixed with the next update.