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A ship is used to sail the seven seas.

Ships are made using ship building, usually started by combining two keel sections.

Most ships require some Mind logic (see Vessel Details)

Note: The small raft floats, but cannot be boarded, so does not even count as a boat.


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Important : Without an attached boat lock anyone can use a ship. If the ship is not moored it can be pushed away. Always lock AND moor your ships.

***The person who finishes the ship becomes the owner. ***To prevent someone from stealing or finishing your unfinished boat make sure no one but you can get access by building it in a small temporary house.

Ownership can be transferred by the owner in the vehicle management window.

Server crossing: on Freedom servers you need permission to command the boat, set individually for you, to sail to another server (anyone can cross as passengers), on Epic servers you can cross servers as friend too - the ownership transfers to the commander then.

The owner and any person with the Manage right can manage the usage permissions through a window available via the Manage vehicle menu option.

The permissions control drive (embarking as commander), mount (embarking as a passenger), accessing the inventory hold of the ship, "dragging" the ship and managing the item. Each of these rights can be granted or denied to any individual character. The rights except "manage item" can also be assigned by group, such as "citizens", "alliance" or "everyone". The owner always has all permissions. The permissions window is available only if the ship is locked however.

When ships are created, a default 1 ql lock is automatically attached to the ship, the ship is locked, and permissions are enabled. The owner of the ship can change the boat lock, which may be necessary for security on PvP servers. The lock can only removed and reattached by the owner on PvE servers.

To secure a ship from being pushed away you can moor it with a mooring anchor. A ship can be moored by the commander and any passenger but only the commander can raise the anchor.

On Freedom ships can not be lockpicked. Trying so will result in the message Stealing boats is punished with death penalty here. You decide not to.

Non-premium accounts should avoid crossing to Chaos on boats requiring >20 mind logic. Characteristics for non-premium accounts are capped at 20 on PVP rather than 30, meaning you will lack the skill to pilot the vessel.


  • The person to attach the last piece to an unfinished ship becomes the owner when it is finished.
  • The speed of the ship is determined by the quality of the ship and the amount of crew in the ship. 3/12th's of the total speed is based on the crew in the ship. 9/12th's of the total speed is based on the quality level of the ship.
  • Ships with a quality of less than 10 cannot be commanded.
    • This includes ships whose damage percentage would calculate to bring the quality below 10 (eg. a 12 quality ship with 17 damage calculates to a ship below 10 quality).
    • Repairing a ship can sometimes result in the ship retaining a quality above 10, thus being commandable once again.
  • Can be transported over land using ship transporters.
  • Trying to build a ship in a (large) cart will present the message "[01:06:39] You can't work with the Unfinished small rowing boat in the large cart.", it is therefore not possible.

Vessel Details

Vessel Mind Logic Total Occupants [1] Maximum Solo Speed (km/h) Maximum speed (full crew) Commander Propulsion (km/h) [2] Hold Capacity (Volume) [3] Hold Capacity (Rafts) Hold Capacity (Sm Crates) Hold Capacity (Lg Crates) Size [4] Height [5] Draft [6] Minimum Passable Depth Weight (Kg)
Rowing Boat <19.5(?) 3 12.05  ? ~7.2 756 0 0 0 2x1x1 3 Dirt 5 Dirt 5 120
Small Sailing Boat 20.1 5 20.7 21.34 ~7.2 756 0 0 0 2x1x2 3 Dirt 5 Dirt 5 140
Corbita 21.05 7 28 28 ~1.4  ?? 100 85 49 6x2x5 25 Dirt  ?? 20 1400
Cog 22 9 31.5 33.22 ~1.43 >=50,685 67 51 29 5x2x7 29 Dirt  ?? 20 800
Knarr 23 13 27  ? ~6.5  ?? 100 75 43 4x2x3 8 Dirt (?)  ?? 5 2000
Caravel 24 14 28.5 34.13  ?? 75600 100 100 62 7x2x7 35 Dirt (?)  ?? 20 2450
[1] This includes the captain.
[2] This is the amount a commander can influence the speed of a boat (in either forward or reverse) when it is otherwise un-crewed.
[3] To calculate how many of something fit inside, divide the ship's volume by the item's volume per unit. Stacking containers, an example is small barrels in rafts, will make room for more than 100 items.
[4] Measured in tiles and multistory. Length x Width x Height
[5] Measured above water level to the main deck.
[6] Measured below water level to the keel.

For details regarding vessel construction you may also want to see the Ship Construction Details Table.