Water divining

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Divining for water allows the detection of water sources beneath the surface using a pendulum. No skills seem to be required. Tiles with water sources will automatically fill up wells, fountains and ornate fountains placed on them, but not immediately. It can take up to ten minutes to be filled up.


Stand on a tile and right-click the pendulum in your inventory, then select use. One of the outcomes below will result depending on how far you are from water. Placing a fountain or a well on the spot where water is detected will result in the fountain/well being filled automatically. With a low quality pendulum, the pendulum will "seem dead" frequently on tiles where it should detect the presence of water nearby. Pendulums will never give false positives, so if the result is anything other than dead it is accurate. Higher quality pendulums give fewer false negatives when detecting water, but with any ql its worth double-checking a tile that claims there is nothing found just in case.


The outcomes are in order of rising magnitude. Those at the end of the list indicate water is closer than those at the beginning. Please note that with a lower quality pendulum, the chance that a false negative reading will occur can be as often as 25%.

The pendulum seems dead. 
There is no water nearby (or a false-negative)
You think you detect some faint tugs in the pendulum. 
There is water nearby (5 to ~10)
The pendulum is starting to move, indicating a flow of energy somewhere near. 
There is water closer (3 to 4)
The pendulum is swinging in a circle, there is probably a water source in the ground nearby. 
There is water very close (2)
The pendulum swings rapidly back and forth! You are close to a water source! 
You are within approximately one tile of water (1)
The pendulum now swings frantically! There is something here! 
You are standing on a water source (0)