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A Pendulum
  • Pendulum (0.40 kg)
Skill and improvement


A pendulum with a fine chain and a well-polished ball.

A hanging weight which can be used for divination to find a water source which can be tapped by building a fountain or well on the indicated spot. There is no skill involved in doing this but the quality of the pendulum affects your divination chances.

Pendulum Spells

A pendulum can also have other functions if the appropriate spell has been cast upon it. These are:


  • The QL of the chain affects chance of success.
  • The ball must be glowing hot.
  • The material the ball is made from determines what type of material the pendulum is made of, and therefore determines what it can be improved with.
  • Wind of ages is effective to decrease the action timer.
  • In regards to Dispel enchanting practices, WOA is listed first and then Lurker effects.
  • In regards to Lurker in the deep, The QL of the pendulum seems to affect the chance of getting a reading and the power level of the spell seems to affect the range at which fish are detected.
  • Enchanting a pendulum with any lurker spell ( Lurker in the deep, Lurker in the woods, and Lurker in the dark ) will make the pendulum unable to find water.