Archery tower

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Archery tower
A Archery tower
Total materials
  • Archery tower
Skill and improvement
  • Appears as decoration.
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Inside this building live fanatic guards who spend all their time awake shooting arrows at every enemy in sight.

Archery towers on PvP servers will shoot arrows at enemy players. On the Freedom Isles PvE servers, they are purely decorative.

The shooting range for a Archery tower is 10-15 tiles and the range and speed will also increase based on the quality.


  • At least 40 fine carpentry is required to create, as well as to continue building an archery tower.
  • Have to be built at least 20 tiles apart (19 tiles between them) from another archery tower.
  • Needs to be built on a flat tile.
  • They can be created on the same tiles as guard towers.
  • Automatically centers on the tile it's created on.
  • Cannot be picked up.
  • They will shoot based on their line of sight.
  • On PvP servers, it only functions within kingdom influence.
  • On PvP servers, they require no ammo to shoot, but the arrows can not be picked up.
  • On PvP servers, their arrows can be blocked by shields.