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Boat lock
A Boat lock
  • Boat lock (0.80 kg)
  • key (0.05 kg)
Skill and improvement


An ornate and intricate metal lock used to lock a boat.

Boat lock is used to lock a ship or a boat. It is a recommended device to prevent your mooring anchor and boat from being stolen.

Boat locks 101

  • The most difficult lock to create.
  • The boat's inventory window must be closed to attach or remove a boat lock, otherwise the option to Lock or Unlock won't appear.
  • To attach a boat lock, activate the lock, right-click the boat, and select Lock.
  • To remove a boat lock, activate the correct key, right-click the boat, and select Unlock.
  • You do not need the key to access the cargohold, permissions are managed in the Manage vehicle dialogue.
  • Holding the key to a boat's lock allows you to board it as commander regardless of permissions. So, if you only wanted certain people, IE not all your friends or all your village, to be able to use your boat then you could give each a key.
  • Only the owner of the boat may attach or reattach the boat lock.


  • Only with a boat lock, will the permissions in the management dialog then take effect.
  • The quality of the large anvil affects your success chance when creating.
  • The quality of the iron lump determines the maximum quality of the resulting lock.
  • You will want a quality of 80 or higher to effectively protect your boat on servers with lockpicking and stealing enabled.
  • You might also want to moor your boat with a mooring anchor.