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Boat lock
A Boat lock
  • Boat lock (0.80 kg)
  • key (0.05 kg)
Skill and improvement


An ornate and intricate metal lock used to lock a boat.

Boat locks are the locks used to secure maritime vessels in Wurm. They are recommended to help prevent theft and tampering.


  • Only the owner of the boat may attach, reattach, or remove a boat lock.
  • To attach a boat lock, activate the lock, right-click the boat, and select "Lock".
  • To remove a boat lock, right-click the boat, and select "Unlock".
  • The boat's inventory window must be closed to attach or remove a boat lock, otherwise the options to "Lock" or "Unlock" won't appear.
  • Holding the key to a boat's lock allows a player to see the inventory, but they still cannot take items without the proper permissions.

Additional Notes

  • The boat lock is the most difficult lock to create.
  • When a ship is first made, a default 1ql lock with no key is automatically attached to it.
  • Permissions in the management dialog box will not take effect if there is no functional lock installed on the boat in order to govern those permissions.
  • The quality of the large anvil affects your success chance when creating the boat lock.
  • The quality of the metal lump determines the maximum quality of the resulting lock.
  • A boat lock of 80ql or higher is recommended to begin to effectively secure a boat on servers with lockpicking and stealing enabled.