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A Catseye
  • Catseye (.50 kg)
Skill and improvement


A marker used in the middle of a highway, protecting the surrounding tiles.


  • Upon creation, the catseye will only use 0.01 kg of the eye used, regardless of its weight.
  • Quality of the catseye is capped by the lesser of the quality of the blind catseye and your paving skill divided by 5.
  • Can be stored in a bulk storage bin.
  • Requires 20.1 paving and above 10ql to plant.
  • Can be planted on reinforced cave tiles (actual pavement not necessary).
  • When creating, the QL of the eye affects your success chance.
  • When creating a highway, a waystone must be planted first before planting catseyes.
  • Can be replaced by a waystone without regard to who originally planted it.
  • Can be removed from the ground with a crowbar.
    • Right-click the catseye and select Bash>Pry.
    • The catseye will be damaged with each action until it is broken.
  • Even Fo priests can create catseyes (and doing so increase their paving skill) and plant them. They cannot improve them.
  • Improving catseyes gives paving skill