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Main / Skills / Paving / Waystone

A Waystone
Total materials
  • Waystone (6.60 kg)
Skill and improvement


A marker to designate a junction in a highway.


  • 21 paving skill is required to create, continue creating, and install a waystone.
  • Must be above 10ql to plant on a highway.
  • Waystones are removed from a highway with either a crowbar or via replacement with a catseye. If connected to a wagoner container that must be picked up before the waystone can be removed or changed.
  • To replace a waystone with a catseye, activate the catseye in your inventory, right-click the waystone, and select "replace". Note - you must be the person who planted the waystone in order to replace it in this way.
  • Waystones can be picked up into the inventory after creation.
  • If connected to a wagoner container that container must be picked up before the waystone can be removed or changed.


  • In addition to typical menu items, right-clicking a waystone will also bring up the options to view protection, view links, and find route:
    • View Protection: 30-second action that highlights protected, surrounding tiles in green.
    • View Links: 30-second action that shows direction, with green arrows, to nearby waystones.
    • Find Route: Brings up a dialogue box in which players can select a deed and then find directions to it. For this to work, the deed being searched must have a waystone in it and be a part of the common highway system (same-server only). The preferred route is the shortest distance in tiles, if the distance in tiles is the same between two points then the route with the least number of waystones on the way will be chosen.