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Character Sheet

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The character sheet can be brought up by double-clicking the health bar. It is also the second option on the main menu. The sheet has two sections. Its purpose is to manage your character's equipment, health, and show you what you look like to others.

Equipment Section

The border section of the character sheet is mostly made up of slots for equipping armor, weapons, shield, jewelry, backpack, and arrows. In three of the four corners is an icon.

1) The upper left is a weight, and mousing over it tells you how much your equipped items weigh.

2) The lower left is a body. Right clicking on this pulls up a context menu. The two items of note on the menu are karma and profile. This is where you manage them.

3) The lower right is a hand. Clicking or double clicking on it will allow you to use your hands as a tool. This is useful for creating pottery items.

Character Section

The center section of the character sheet has two parts. One is for managing wounds and applying first aid. The other is to show you what you like like to others, equipment and all. There is small outline of a body in the upper right corner of the character window. This icon toggles the two modes. When it is red, it is indicating that you are injured.

The character view mode is just that - a view of your character, as others would see you. Any visible equipment will also be shown.

The wound manager mode features an outlined skeleton. If any section of the skeleton is colored in, then you have wounds in that section. The color will range from a light tan/yellow (for very minor wounds, little scratches, really) to a deep dark red (for life-threatening gashes, bites, burns, or poison).

Wounds can be viewed and treated by clicking on the wounded section. One or more square boxes will contain a graphic of the wound and a small colored box indicating its severity. You can also right click - Examine a box to get a written description.

The Treat option allows you to treat the wound if you have a treatment item (cotton, healing cover, farmer's salve) activated. Select it and you will attempt to treat the wound. If successful, a small green box will be added to the wound icon, and the Examine option will include "Treated" in the description.


With the character sheet system, Wurm is a little more like mainstream MMO's.