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A bandage can refer to virtually any cotton-based item applied to a wound to aid in healing.


  1. Activate the cotton item
  2. Right-click on wound
  3. Choose First aid

Result: Bandaged or damage-reduced wound


  • Virtually any item made from cotton in-game can be utilized as a bandage when needed. Example: [18:04:15] You bandage the wound with a fishing net.
  • Applying a bandage utilizes the Healing and First aid skills.
  • A bandaged wound cannot be re-bandaged unless the player/creature is injured yet again in the exact same spot.
  • Strings of cloth can be combined and used for bandaging, with only the amount needed to bandage the wound being exhausted. Items that can't be combined (satchels, cloth armour, etc) will use the entire item when bandaging.
  • The speed of treating a wound depends on the type/damage.

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