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A Compass
Total materials
  • Compass (0.60 kg)
Skill and improvement

Main / Skills / Miscellaneous items / Compass

A rudimentary compass, made from a needle floating in oil on a piece of wood in a jar.

A tool that indicates the cardinal points relative to the position of the player.


The compass must be in the inventory (or a container within) of the player in order to use it.

The GUI window may be placed anywhere on the HUD by dragging it around. By right-clicking it may also be made smaller (and back to large again), as well as be hidden completely. To get it back from being hidden the console - F1 - command toggle compass may be used, or toggled from the Main menu.


  • The compass gradually becomes unstable while moving and stabilizes again while standing still. While the compass is unstable the direction cannot be seen.
  • The quality of the compass affects stability.
  • A fully unstable compass will become readable in about 2 seconds at QL 70, 10 seconds at QL 30, and 20 seconds at QL 1. Starter compasses are at 10 ql, so they take 16 seconds to become readable.
  • Stopping just after the compass becomes unstable will allow it to recover quicker (the compass was not fully unstable).
  • WoA affects the speed of recovery.
  • A finished compass cannot be improved, use high quality components to craft to get better quality end products. Additionally they can't be repaired, other than with the mend spell.
  • Compasses decay very rapidly, so should always be stored in inventory.
  • Upon adding a new compass to the inventory, even with the previous one removed, the old GUI may remain. To correct this remove all compasses from the inventory and re-take the intended one.

Creation Details

The production of compasses goes in 2 stages: Making unfinished ones using pottery jars and olive oil, and finishing them with an needle.