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Main / Interface / Main menu

Allows you to toggle different interface windows on or off.


The default is O or ESC. This may be changed by binding a key to MAIN_MENU or STOP_OR_MAIN_MENU, which will also stop your actions and toggle the main menu.

Main menu


A drag and drop paper doll of your body and equipment.
Character's inventory
Displays the character's skills.
Displays the in-game map.
Valrei map
Displays the in-game Valrei map.
Opens the game console for advanced commands and settings.
Opens the Settings window. Note: This is not an in-game window and may open behind the game.
Hud settings
Opens a second window with more toggles, see below.
Opens the support ticket window.
Wiki search
Opens the Wiki search window, allowing you to search the wiki from in-game.
Exits the game.

Hud Settings

Achievement Window
Displays achievements and your character's progress with them.
Chat window
Main chat window.
Must have a compass in your inventory. When settled, displays your current heading.
Debug timing
Opens the Debug Info window.
Event window
Event window with Friend's list and status bar
Fight window
Fight options window
Health and information window
Menu bar
Displays the current key bindings for ESC and F1 to F12
Mission progress
A compact window showing mission progress.
Mission details
Shows specifics about current missions.
Shows client statistics.
Target window
Shows current target for combat.
Select bar
Shows what is selected and provides quick keys for some actions. (Ironwood Skin only)
Create custom timers that count down and can be reset.
Must have a toolbelt equipped. Can hotkey items and tools by dragging to the toolbelt.
Character window
Displays a 3D model view of your character, without the drag and drop paper doll.
Skill tracker
Displays skill progress.
Button bar with actions, such as Climbing, Stealth, and toggles for Faithful and Lawful.
Displays the in-game tutorial, Book of Wisdom, and any tutorial notifications.
Shows the crafting window.
Status effects
Shows current status effects as icons on the HUD.
Spell effects
Shows list of current spell effects.

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