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Faith: 29
Favor: 29
Difficulty: 20
Target: Item
Casting time: 20 seconds


Only a Priest of Vynora can cast this spell

Main / Religion / Spells / Mend


Mend is a a spell available to a Vynora priests at 29 faith that allows players to remove damage from items.

The spell reduces the damage of an item by up to 20 points and the quality by up to 2, and can be cast on some items that cannot normally be repaired.

Reduction in quality depends on the amount of damage reduced. For example, if cast on an item with 10 damage, damage would be reduced by 10 and quality would be reduced by 1.

Depending on repair skill level, can be more effective at repairing on normal items.


Activate a Statuette, right-click an item and select Spells > Mend.

  • You cannot cast mend on items of QL 2 or less. Instead you'll get an error message saying that the item ...would break under the power of the spell.
  • Mend does not shatter items on failure.
  • You cannot cast mend on items with 0 damage.

Mend only items

A non-exhaustive list of such that cannot be repaired, but can be mended.

No repair or mend items

A non-exhaustive list of items that cannot be repaired or mended.