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Pottery jar
A Pottery jar

Heating clay jar

  • Pottery jar (0.30 kg)
Skill and improvement


A clay jar hardened by fire.

Pottery jar is the finished product of a clay jar that has been heated up in a fire.


  • It can be used as a small portable container for items and liquids, for instance when making dye, lye or tannin.
  • Pottery jar is also needed when creating a compass.


  • Holds up to 2.00 kg of liquid.
  • The jar can also hold other non liquid items. For example 16 apples (3.20 kg).
  • A hardened pottery jar can no longer be improved, nor repaired.
  • Can be sealed with a wax sealing kit to preserve contents from decay.
  • Can be dyed/painted.

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