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A Cotton

Obtained through harvesting.

  • Cotton (1.00 kg)
Skill and improvement


A bale of cotton.

Cotton is a farming product, used for healing, cloth tailoring, and toy making.


  • Cotton can be used to make many different items.
  • Cotton can also be used for bandaging wounds. Higher quality cotton helps the chance of success in this, while lower quality cotton will give better skill gains while healing.
  • Virtually any item in-game that is made from cotton can be utilized as a bandage if needed. Example: [18:04:15] You bandage the wound with a fishing net. If the item is combinable, it will only use the necessary portion to treat the wound, while non-combinable items, such as a ship's sail, for example, are completely used up in the bandaging action.
  • Cotton is harvested from cotton fields and can also be found by foraging grass or steppe tiles.
  • Cotton seeds can be picked picking out from cotton, with each cotton producing one seed. Cotton weighing less than 1.00 kg cannot be picked for seeds.
  • No tools are necessary in any of the methods for acquiring/harvesting cotton.
  • Cotton can be combined up to 64 kg per bale.