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Combine is the action used to make 2 or more items of the same type in inventory into 1, usually to make a singular, heavier item of that same type, or to overcome the universal container limit of 100 items, or to lessen costs associated with mailing multiple items. The weight of the newly combined item will be the sum of the original items' weights, and the quality will be the average of all of the combined original items.


  • To combine 2 items, activate the first item then right-click the second item and select "Combine".
  • Entire groups of identical items can be combined in 1 action by activating the second (or later) item in the group, right-clicking the group line (the one with a -/+ sign) and then selecting "Combine".

Additional Notes

  • Combining can reduce the total monetary value of the final product when compared to the same original items, not combined. Combining uses a linear average, but the prices in Wurm are not linear; instead, they are quadratic (so a quadratic sum would be more accurate than a linear average).
  • Typically, the maximum amount of an item that can be combined is 64 times whatever the base weight of the item is. (i.e. 1.5kg x 64 = 96kg for wood scrap).
  • When a spell is cast on a metal lump or other item that can be combined, the item can be combined with others of the same type and will maintain the enchantment. Activate the enchanted item and combine with others.

Combinable Items

(List is a work in progress)