Electrum lump

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Electrum lump
A Electrum lump
  • Electrum lump (0.10 kg)
Skill and improvement


An alloy of gold and silver.


  • When creating, the QL of the gold affects your success chance.
  • Any enchantments should be cast upon the gold lump.
  • The quality of the silver is the maximum quality of the resulting lump.
  • If you fail creating, you lose 0.01kg from both lumps.
  • The gold and/or silver can be combined into one lump, as only the amount required is used. Even when both are combined, only one 0.10kg electrum lump is produced, however.
  • Despite using 0.10kg of each lump to create the alloy, attempting to use exactly 0.10 results in an error because it's too little material: more than 0.10kg is needed to start the creation.
  • This alloy has some special properties, especially when compared to iron.