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Metallurgy is the skill used to determine success rates when creating alloy metals. Known creatable alloys are:

Success chance and average quality of metal created are affected by the first component of each alloy.

  • Zinc for Brass
  • Tin for Bronze
  • Charcoal for Steel
  • Gold for Electrum

Max quality is equal to the quality of the second component of each alloy.

  • Iron for Steel
  • Copper for Brass and Bronze
  • Silver for Electrum

Metallurgy directly affects success chance and average quality of metal created.


  • The metals can be combined into single large lumps as only the amount required is used.
  • It is easier to start gaining skill by making bronze or brass before moving on to steel or electrum. The charcoal for steel requires hunting and butchering from mobs or the use of a charcoal pile. Gold and Silver tend to be less plentiful than other metals.


  • Brass
    • 1.00 kg Zinc lump + 0.15 kg Copper lump = 0.10 kg Brass lump
  • Bronze
    • 0.50 kg Tin lump + 0.15 kg Copper lump = 0.10 kg Bronze lump
  • Steel
    • 0.20 kg Iron lump + 0.20 kg Charcoal = 0.40 kg Steel lump
  • Electrum
    • 0.10 kg Silver lump + 0.10 kg Gold lump = 0.10 kg Electrum lump.


  • Smelter at 50 skill
  • Metallurgist at 70 skill
  • Master Metallurgist at 90 skill