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Metallurgy is the skill used to determine success rates when creating alloy metals. Known creatable alloys are:

Metallurgy + Charcoal QL affect success rate

Iron QL affects maximum QL

Metallurgy directly affects average QL of metal created.


  • The copper and iron can be combined into single large lumps as only the amount required is used.
  • It is easy to gain skill by making bronze or brass first, this uses less important items (Tin, Zinc and Copper) rather than using charcoal which can be quite difficult to get hold of and is annoying to lose.
  • Metallurgy is only really useful for increasing steel creation success rates at the moment, as both Brass and Bronze have very little to no additional utility compared to the metals they derive from.



  • Smelter at 50 skill
  • Metallurgist at 70 skill
  • Master Metallurgist at 90 skill