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Fine meditation rug
A Fine meditation rug
  • Fine meditation rug (1.50kg)
Skill and improvement


This thin, colorful rug provides some comfort as you sit on it but its main purpose is to create a meditation zone where your mind can relax.


To meditate, drop the rug on the ground. Right click the rug and select Nature -> Meditate

  • Rugs may be used while being dragged on a cart/inside a boat.
  • Can be placed in a bucket or small box and other containers and used in it, so you don't lose it within the tile.


  • 22.8 cloth tailoring, 34.7 QL loom = 6 % creation chance
  • Higher quality meditation rugs are more effective when trying to get a meditation question.
  • Rug quality affects the chance of gaining skill when meditating; lower quality rugs are often better for skill soon after reaching enough skill to join a path.
  • The rug is damaged every time it is used; the amount of damage done is dependent on the rug's quality. A 1 QL rug takes 10.00 damage on one meditation.
  • It cannot be used underwater.
  • It carries a signature.
  • WOA has no effect
  • Rarity bonus to skillgain: rare = 10%, supreme = 20%, fantastic = 30%.

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