Floor loom

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Floor loom
A Floor loom
Total materials
  • Floor loom
Skill and improvement
  • Appears as decoration.
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A large wooden loom, made for weaving.

The floor loom is used for weaving string of cloth from spinning cotton into cotton goods, or materials to create armour and clothing.

Once completed, it cannot be picked up. However, it can be pushed, pulled, and rotated. It can be loaded into a wagon or ship for transporting.


Activate a string of cloth, right-click the floor loom and open the Create > option.


  • Failure on creation causes both the small nails and wooden plank to take some damage.
  • Higher quality small nails increase your success chance for creating a floor loom.
  • A higher quality floor loom increases your chance at creating items with it.
  • A rare floor loom increases the maximum quality possible on items created.
  • Floor looms cannot be dyed.


The partially made rug that is part of the loom graphics, shares the same graphics as the fine meditation rug.

Floor loom rug.png

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