Floor loom

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Floor loom
A Floor loom
Total materials
  • Floor loom
Skill and improvement
  • Appears as decoration.

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A large wooden loom, made for weaving.


The floor loom is used for weaving string of cloth or yarn.


  • Failure on creation causes both the small nails and wooden plank to take some damage.
  • The final wooden part determines the wood type of the loom.
  • Higher quality small nails increase your success chance for creating a floor loom.
  • A higher quality floor loom increases your chance at creating items with it.
  • A rare floor loom increases the maximum quality possible on items created.
  • The partially made rug that is part of the loom graphics, shares the same graphics as the fine meditation rug.
  • Once completed, it cannot be picked up. However, it can be pushed, pulled, and rotated. It can be loaded into a wagon or ship for transporting.

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