Garden gnome

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Garden gnome
A Garden gnome

This item cannot be crafted.

  • Garden gnome (20.00 kg)
Skill and improvement

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A small serious gnome stands here ready for christmas.


How will we know, when wurm gets no snow,
How will we know, when it's time,
When warriors put down their swords and cooks make extra food.
And the little bear just dances in the wood.
Happy Christmas to all wurmians from Rolf and the entire team! Ho ho ho!


  • Gnomes are small decorative items with brightly coloured hats.
  • A gift from Santa Claus to premium players on Christmas 2011.
  • When first introduced, played music when used on the ground, that would be heard by players in the local vicinity who had music enabled. This is currently not available anymore.
  • Holds 4 kg of liquid or small items such as gems and whetstones.
  • Garden gnomes increase in quality over time while inside another container such as a large cart or large chest. This is similar to the maturing of wine.
  • The gnome's hat glows brightly in the dark.

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