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Large chest
A Large chest
Total materials
  • Large chest
Skill and improvement


A large chest made from planks and strengthened with iron ribbons.


  • The QL of the iron ribbon determines the creation success rate.
  • If the creation attempt fails, the ribbon and plank are damaged.
  • The last plank attached determines the wood type of the chest if the plank is the last component to be attached.
  • Cannot be picked up (unlike the small chest). Drops to the ground where you are standing when you attach the last piece.
  • Can be pushed/pulled/rotated.
  • With a small or large padlock attached, it is a secure storage for items. Be careful not to lose the key though.
  • The chest must be on the ground and not in a cart in order to be locked.
  • Large chests that are loaded and unloaded from a cart/wagon regain the ability to be renamed.


  • As is the case with many other items, it is recommended (especially if it's not to be placed on a deed) to create this chest from cedar.
  • It's possible (and in many cases recommended) to make a copy of the key from copper.
  • Destroying the large chest by bashing will not destroy the items inside it. The items will just simply drop on the ground.
  • Items that can be stored in large chests are:
All forms of armor.
Various smaller items.
Short Bow
  • Items that cannot be stored in large chests are:
Long bow
Fishing rod