Glass Eye of Vynora

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Glass Eye of Vynora
A Glass Eye of Vynora

This item cannot be crafted.


Glass Eye of Vynora

Skill and improvement


A huge blue gem with a shimmering light inside. It has an benevolent aura. Ql: 90.0, Dam: 0.0. It is enchanted with Vynora's hand, and has a protective aura of Vynora.

Item Use

  • May be used to cast the spell Locate soul. Detects through NoLocate spells.
  • May be used to cast the spell Locate artifact every 3 hours (outdated?).


  • This is a unique item currently found on Chaos, Defiance, and Elevation. It cannot be moved to any other server.
  • To find its location or carrier, use the Locate artifact spell.
  • It must be recharged regularly.
  • It does not decay or take damage from use.
  • Cooldown is about 1 hour (?).
  • User must be a follower of Vynora (?).