Locate Artifact

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Locate Artifact
Locate Artifact

Faith: 80
Favor: 70
Difficulty: 70
Target: Tile
Casting time: 30 seconds
Cooldown time: 30 minutes


Vynora, Fo, Magranon, Libila, Nathan, Gary, Nahjo, Smeagain, Paaweelr, Tosiek

Main / Religion / Spells / Locate Artifact


Used to locate artifacts spread across the land.


It is a completely random process to locate each item.

It will tell you what direction, right, left, forward/front/ahead etc and a relative distance. Very far, far, pretty far, rather long distance, quite some distance, some distance, pretty close by, a stone throw away, practically standing on. (add more, and maybe some measure in km).

It will also tell you if someone has found it, who is carrying it, and if they are in a village, what village they are in. If someone has left the artifact somewhere, it will tell you it is in the wild. If it is in a village, it will tell you what settlement it is in. If it is in a building, it will tell you the name of the building.

The gold Charm of Fo has not yet been revealed. The gold Charm of Fo is very far away ahead of you to the left.
The glass Orb of Doom is carried by Malvada. Malvada is in the settlement of Mist.

If you try to use the spell on a Freedom server it will give the message " The artifact was hidden from view by the gods. " demonstrating that there are no artifacts on the freedom cluster ** This does not include the Chaos server


Distance Message
0 tiles You are practically standing on the <artifact>!
1-3 tiles The <artifact> is in front of you a stone's throw away!
4-5 tiles The <artifact> is in front of you very close.
6-9 tiles The <artifact> is in front of you pretty close by.
10-19 tiles The <artifact> is in front of you fairly close by.
20-49 tiles The <artifact> is some distance away in front of you.
50-199 tiles The <artifact> is quite some distance away in front of you.
200-499 tiles The <artifact> is rather a long distance away in front of you.
500-999 tiles The <artifact> is pretty far away in front of you.
1000> tiles The <artifact> is far away in front of you.


  1. Activate your deity's statuette
  2. Right-click a tile
  3. Select Spells > Locate Artifact

List of artifacts