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Main / Religion / Spells / Nolocate


Faith: 22
Favor: 60
Difficulty: 10
Target: Item
Casting time: 15 seconds


Vynora, Magranon, Fo, Libila, Nathan, Tosiek, Paaweelr, Smeagain, Gary, Nahjo


Nolocate is an enchantment that can be cast on a bracelet, ring, or necklace. This spell hides you from locate soul and lurker in the dark when cast on the player, and has a chance to hide you when jewelry with the enchantment is worn.


  • Items enchanted with this spell need to be worn for it to have an effect.
  • The chance that it will hide you is (quality + power)/2. This value also determines the duration of Locate Soul resistance if the player is successfully detected.
  • The enchantment slowly gets worn out when it stops a locate.
  • If you are wearing multiple of these items only the item with the highest enchant will count.
  • Players often refer to the spell as "nolo".
  • It is most often cast on a ring.