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Temperature is an important factor in crafting many objects for certain skills, such as smithing, pottery, and cooking. An object needs to be raised to a specific temperature in order to be worked with, usually needing to reach the "glowing" levels.

The temperature scale has 7 divisions:

  • Warm
  • Very warm
  • Hot
  • Searing hot
  • Glowing dimly from the heat - red indicator - sufficiently hot to work with the item.
  • Glowing brightly from the heat - blue indicator - very hot (more than required) and will remain hot for a while.
  • Glowing white-hot - white indicator - at or near maximum temperature possible (way more than required) and will remain hot for a long time.


  • The time it takes items to heat up depends on the quality of the item and heating apparatus (campfire, stone forge, stone oven, etc).
  • Higher quality metal lumps will retain their heat longer than lower quality lumps when removed from a forge.
  • Food may or may not need to reach "glowing" depending on what's being cooked.

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