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Butchering is the skill used to butcher corpses to get items like pelts, meat, and other animal parts. Butchering skill is also used when filleting meat or fish.


  • Examine the corpse first to see if it has already been butchered.
  • Activate a butchering knife
  • Right-click a corpse
  • Select Butcher
  • Open the corpse and drag the desired butchering products to your inventory. If you bury the butchered corpse, the items will stay on ground.

You can also butcher with other sharp-edged tools like carving knife, hatchet, pickaxe, shovel, sickle, stone chisel or sword, but using a butchering knife gives more items.

For optimal skillgain, butcher an animal corpse with a high quality butchering knife initially so that you have a higher chance at getting butchering products. Then, use a low quality butchering knife with a high Circle of cunning cast to fillet the creature's meat.

Note: Butchering human corpses makes your alignment drop by 1 and does not give any butchering skill.

Butchering Products

Product Creature source
Animal fat Bison, Black wolf, Bull, Calf, Cow, Deer, Dog, Donkey, Foal, Hen, Hell horse, HorseMule, Pheasant, Pig, Rooster, Seal, Wild boar
Animal hide Bison, Bull, Calf, Cow, Crocodile, Deer, Donkey, Foal, Hell horse, Horse, Mule, Seal, Unicorn
Bladder Bison, Bull, Calf, Cow, Deer, Dog, Donkey, Foal, Hell Horse, Horse, Lamb, Mule, Ram, Sheep
Charcoal Hell hound, Lava fiend, Lava spider
Cochineal Cave bug, Hell scorpious, Scorpion
Dragon scale Dragon
Drake hide Dragon hatchling
Eye Bison, Blue whale, Bull, Calf, Cow, Crab, Deer, Dolphin, Donkey, Dragon and dragon hatchling, Foal, Hell horse, Horse, Huge spider, Kyklops, Lamb, Mule, Octopus, Pig, Ram, Sea serpent, Shark, Sheep, Tortoise
Feather Rooster, Hen, Pheasant
Flint Lava fiend
Fur Black bear, Brown bear, Black wolf
Gland Anaconda, Bull, Crocodile, Deer, Large rat, Pig, Sea serpent, Seal, Shark, Troll
Heart Huge spider, Lava fiend
Hoof Bull, Calf, Cow, Deer, Donkey, Foal, Hell horse, Horse, Mule
Horn Bison, Ram
Octopus ink sac Octopus
Long horn Bull
Meat Almost all animals, if not starving.
Paw Black wolf, Crocodile, Dog, Mountain lion
Pelt Dog, Large rat, Mountain lion, Wild cat
Tail Bison, Bull, Calf, Cow, Deer, Donkey, Foal, Hell horse, Horse, Mule
Tooth Anaconda, Black bear, Brown bear, Dragon, Goblin leader, Mountain gorilla, Pig, Troll, Wild boar
Twisted unicorn horn Unicorn


Filleting cuts up meat or fish into 0.3 kg meat fillet or fish fillet portions. Fish or meat pieces smaller than 0.3 kg will be discarded, so a 0.8 kg fish will give only two 0.3 kg fish fillets.

  1. Activate a butchering knife or carving knife
  2. Right-click a piece of meat or fish
  3. Select Fillet
  4. The fillets will go in your inventory.

Fillet quality depends on your butchering skill, the quality of the meat or fish, the quality of the knife, and how well you can use your knife (butchering knife or carving knife skill). Filleting never fails as such, but you may get some 1 QL fillets.


  • Butchering can be done while moving, so long as you do not move too far away (two tiles) from the tile you are currently working on.

Skills & Characteristics


  • Butcher at 50 skill
  • Der Metzgermeister / Skinner at 70 skill
  • Master Butcher at 90 skill

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