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A Honey

Obtained from Bee hive and Wild bee hive using a Bee smoker to avoid being stung.

  • Honey (Builds up over time)
Skill and improvement


A sweet food made by bees foraging nectar from flowers. This has a very low nutrition value.


  • Honey is obtained from either the wild bee hive or an active, player-made bee hive. The use of a bee smoker is required in order to avoid being stung in the collection process.
  • Bees rely on honey in their hives for food. Without honey or its only acceptable substitute, sugar, being present in a hive, the hive may die off from starvation.
  • 1 kg of honey is required inside of a hive for the hive to produce a second queen.
  • Honey can be stored and preserved inside a barrel or sealed barrel. It is also used in numerous cooking recipes.