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Bee hive
A Bee hive
Total materials
  • Bee hive (60.00 kg)
Skill and improvement


An enclosed structure in which some honey bee species of the subgenus Apis live and raise their young.


  • A bee hive is a created item used to attract nearby queen bees to migrate from a wild bee hive.
  • Bees produce honey, which is an ingredient in some cooking recipes.
    • The amount produced is dependent on nearby flowers, fields, grass(including enchanted grass), steppe, bushes and trees.
    • If surrounding tiles don't produce enough nectar to feed the bees, nothing is produced.
      • Higher quality hives look at a larger area of tiles.
  • Bees produce beeswax, which is used in the creation of waxed paper, wax sealing kits, candles, and skull cups.
  • The quality of honey and bees wax is the same as the hive quality.
  • Bees significantly increase the yield of farm tiles
  • Requires 25 fine carpentry to create.
  • You cannot create a bee hive inside a building.
  • Empty hives can be carried or loaded, once active they can only be loaded.
    • Bees in a vehicle still require food.
    • Loading an active hive will result in being stung, causing poison damage, unless a lit bee smoker is carried.
    • 2 Bee hives can be loaded into a large cart
    • 9 Bee hives can be loaded into a wagon without a rune.
  • Can be locked with a Small or Large padlock.
    • When locked, you can set permissions on it to allow or restrict access.
  • Adding sugar does not affect a queen going into a hive faster.
  • Capacity: 20 beeswax, 1000+kg honey
  • The range of a hive's influence is, at this time, thought to be approximately:
    • 1ql - 2 tile radius
    • 10ql - 4 tile radius
    • 25ql - 6 tile radius
    • 50ql - 8 tile radius
    • 75ql - 10 tile radius
    • 90ql - 10 tile radius
    • 95ql - 11 tile radius


  • Bees will consume either honey or sugar approximately once every 5 real life days, with a preference for sugar (there is a daily check with a 1-in-5 chance of consuming 10g of honey or sugar).
  • If no honey or sugar is available, the bees have a chance to die off.
  • During the winter Wurm months, the hive will become "dormant" if a queen is present. During this time, the queen will still require food to stay alive.


The bee hive may have an attached descriptor to its name when you hover over it, which tells you the status:

  • Dormant - this shows in the winter only. This means the hive has one queen, and will reactivate in the spring.
  • Empty - there is no queen in the hive.
  • Noisy - the hive has two queens.
    • A second queen has a chance to spawn in the hive if there is a minimum of 1 kg of honey.
  • Active - the hive has one queen, and is active.


Wild to domestic

  • Bees can migrate to a domestic bee hive if certain conditions are met. There are also some things a player can do to increase the chances.
  • If a wild hive has one queen bee, the domestic hive must be of a higher quality than the wild hive.
  • The higher the quality of the domestic hive, the higher the chance of migration.
  • The closer the domestic hive is to the wild hive, the higher the chance of migration.
    • The distance and quality of the domestic hive from the wild hive both combine to effect the odds that a migration will occur.
  • The migration will bring the queen and the swarm to the domestic hive.
  • If a wild hive has two queen bees, the hive quality will not affect the chances of migration.
    • A domestic bee hive will have a higher chance of migration the closer it is to the wild hive.
  • If a wild hive's queen(s) have all migrated, the wild hive will be removed.
  • If a domestic bee hive had a queen residing before Wurm winter and becomes empty, they have a chance to repopulate in the spring

Domestic to domestic

  • If a domestic hive is noisy, you can have the queen migrate to another domestic hive of any quality, with a higher chance of migration the closer the hives are together.

Opening a Hive

Wild hive's contents
  • When opening a hive, the bees will sting you, dealing poison damage, unless you have a lit bee smoker or the hive is dormant. Repeated attempts to open an active hive without a smoker will result in additional wounds.
    • Note: When opening a hive with a lit bee smoker in the inventory, all produced honey and beeswax within the hive may be removed.
    • Bees will not sting passers by.

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