Bee smoker

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Bee smoker
A Bee smoker
Total materials
  • Bee smoker (2.10 kg)
Skill and improvement
Lit bee smoker


A device used in beekeeping to calm honey bees. It is designed to generate smoke from the smouldering of various fuels, hence the name.

A bee smoker is used to prevent bees stinging a player when opening a bee hive or a wild bee hive.



To use a bee smoker, it must be lit.

  • To light a smoker, you need to activate a steel and flint then right-click on the bee smoker and select light.
    • A bee smoker needs to be fueled to be and stay lit, and can be fueled with tar or olive oil, or even wood scrap, which is unlike other fueled items.
    • To fuel the smoker, activate either tar or olive oil, then right click on the smoker and select fuel.
    • There are wisps of smoke steadily coming out of the nozzle.
  • While the bee smoker is in a player's inventory and is lit, the player is protected against bee stings, which cause poison wounds. The bee smoker does not have to be activated to work.
  • To snuff the bee smoker, another item must first be activated.