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Special Server
A Jackal
General Information

Genesis: August 30, 2019

Twitter: @WO_jackal
MRTG: Jackal
Forum: Jackal

Starting Towns

Camp Freedom

Server Settings
Players may only duel or spar consenting players.
Account Type
Premium Only
No. Players cannot steal items that are secured.
Settlements can only be placed within kingdom influence.
Guard Towers
No, artifacts do not spawn.
Allowed Faiths
Fo, Libila, Magranon,Vynora       


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This is a page for the server Jackal. For astronomical information see:Jackal (moon)


The server Jackal opened August 30, 2019. It was intended as a temporary, adventure-based server that lasted six months, allowing for a fresh start and a new series of goals and adventures. Due to the short nature of the server, skill gain and skill timers were increased.

  • Jackal is currently closed with no plans to reopen it at this time.


Jackal is a moon of our homeland, Wurm. Most of Jackal is still wholly unexplored. Around the spawn town of Camp Freedom there are both familiar and unfamiliar animals and trees. In the distance a land that seems to be corrupted looms.


To reach Jackal, you must use lodestones which appear at completed rift sites. You may also construct a lodestone from rift materials at any location. When you travel to Jackal you abandon your armour, inventory, and skills from Freedom servers and cannot bring anything back to Freedom from Jackal.

You may only travel to Jackal from Freedom servers, never from Epic and vice versa.

As Jackal is for premium players only. You will have to buy premium at the shop or with silver if your premium time runs out while you are on Jackal. If your premium runs out unexpectedly and you wish you pay with silver, you will be able to log into Jackal and will have 2 minutes to pay for premium in game. If premium is not paid for within that time, you will automatically be transferred back to the server you were on prior to Jackal.

Animals of Jackal

Many of the animals on Jackal are the same as those on Freedom servers. However, there are some only seen on Jackal, during rift fights, or on the Epic islands. This may be an incomplete list, as Jackal is still a mysterious land.

Trees of Jackal

Jackal is also home to several new species of trees. Like all Wurm trees, they give different colors to the items made from them. Any special properties are still unknown. Pine, orange, and lemon trees are not found on Jackal.

  • Coral tree
  • Desolate tree
  • Frond tree
  • Rock tree
  • Spiky tree
  • Tulip tree

Jackal points and rewards

Jackal points are rewarded for skilling and defeating enemies on Jackal. The points are redeemed on Freedom servers by right-clicking on a mailbox. So far all Jackal rewards are for decorative skins for your weapons.