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Kingdom banner
A Kingdom banner
Skill and improvement


An elegant symbol of allegiance and faith.

A kingdom banner is a large cloth on a pole, proudly displaying its creator's kingdom crest.


  • When creating, the cloth quality determines success rate, and the shaft quality determines the ultimate product's quality. Failure in creation uses up .45kg of cloth and reduces the quality of the shaft by 0.5.
  • The banner has a wood type.
  • It can be moved and rotated once planted.
  • The item name will be prefixed with the name of the creator's kingdom, e.g. 'Jenn-Kellon Kingdom Banner' or 'Freedom Isles Kingdom Banner'.
  • A maximum of 4 banners/flags can be planted per tile. This number includes: Banner, Tall Kingdom banner, Kingdom banner, Flag, and Kingdom flag.


Banner types
Banner types from left to right: Freedom Isles, Mol-Rehan, Jenn-Kellon, Horde of the Summoned, undyed generic banner

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