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Kingdom flag
A Kingdom flag
Skill and improvement


Apart from being a symbol of your allegiance and territorial demands, this is also a good indication of where the wind is blowing.

Kingdom flag is a flag on a long pole, proudly displaying its creator's kingdom crest.


A side by side view of the kingdom crests is available on the kingdom banner page.


  • Cloth determines success rate, shaft determines QL (cannot be improved for now).
  • The flag has a wood type.
  • Failing damages the square piece of cloth (0.25kg loss).
  • Cannot be moved or rotated once planted. The flag will point in the direction of the wind.
  • Is not affected by the sign planting limitation.
  • The item name will be prefixed with the name of your kingdom, e.g. 'Jenn-Kellon kingdom flag' or 'Freedom Isles kingdom flag'.
  • A maximum of 4 banners/flags can be planted per tile

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