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Siege of Merkamanost
Date: January 28th, 2007
Location: Merkamanost (Wild Server)
Result: Jenn-Kellon Victory, Successful defense
Kingdom: HOTS Jenn-Kellon
Towns: Libilian Outlaws
Plaguewind Spire
Silron Valley
Strength: 12 Warriors Heavy Guards
8-10 Warriors
Spawn Point


The Blacklighter attackers began their assault on Merkamanost by first establishing an altar to their god Libila, southwest of the fort Merkamanost. Once complete they marched to a beach just east of the homestead of Rolling Hills (the front gate of Merkamanost), assembled a catapult in record-time, and launched their assault on Rolling Hills. As rocks started pounding on Rolling Hills gates, the defenders skirmished the attackers but took heavy loses due to having little armor. They attempted to delay the inevitable collapse of the gates by repairing them, but the gate soon fell. The attackers killed the remaining deed guards and proceeded to loot the homestead, but found little other than empty chests.

The defenders retreated into their tunnels which led to Merkamanost, with the invaders close behind them. The attackers faced a counter-attack from the defenders, who had equipped the armour from fallen attackers. Although the defenders suffered large casualties, they managed to hold off the attackers. During this battle the spirit templars of the homestead started to respawn at Rolling Hills cutting off the rear path of the attackers. They decided to tactically retreat to prevent being trapped in between the two heavily guarded deeds.

The blacklighter attackers went back to the beach to start the attack again from a different approach; They attempt to mine to the inside of the cave complex to avoid the homestead guards. This attempt failed as the cave complex had been reinforced by support beams. The miners were harassed by whitelight warriors as they were cornered in this new cave. When their guard was down, the HOTS warriors rushed out of the cave. One was caught and killed, but most escaped and began the journey back to Libilian Outlaws. Two Jenn-Kellon warriors that chased after them were cut down unmercifully.

During the raid, a citizen of Merkamanost revealed themselves as a spy by converting to the evil goddess Libila. The traitor was quickly slain by a village member.

Photos of the event

Defender's view of attack