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Spirit templar
A Spirit templar
No, this creature is unable to be tamed.
No, this creature is unable to be dominated.
No, this creature cannot be groomed.
No, this creature cannot be ridden.
Yes, this creature can swim.
Butchering produces
Settlement Token


The spirit of a proud knight has decided to protect this place.

Spirit templars are NPCs that protect your settlement (=>Deed guard). Unlike tower guards, spirit templars do not respond to calls for help.

On PvP servers, spirit templars will attack players who break the settlement permissions by not being lawful.

Spirit templars have 70% damage reduction (equal to ql 100 steel plate armour).


Settlements start with no deed guards. If you want to hire one or more, you have to pay a one-time fee of 2 silver on Freedom servers, and an upkeep cost of 1 silver per month per guard. Note that the payment happens continuously in small increments, not one big payment once a month.

Upkeep costs for Spirit templars on Epic servers scale according to how many you have, starting at 1 silver per month for the first guard, and increasing by 50 coppers more than the previous guard

   1 guard 1 silver upkeep
   2 guards 2.5 silver upkeep (1st guard 1 silver, 2nd guard 1.5 silver)
   3 guards 4.5 silver upkeep (1st guard 1 silver, 2nd guard 1.5 silver, 3rd guard 2 silver)

If a deed guards is killed by a creature it will re-spawn; you will not have to hire another.

Fighting Skill

Spirit templars have over 60 fighting skill, which makes them stronger than tower guards.

Guards attack players from an enemy kingdom. By default, they will also attack aggressive creatures that enter the settlement area. You can turn this behavior off from the deed setting "Mark this if you want guards to ignore aggressive creatures". They will still attack any player with -30 or lower reputation. Negative reputation is automatically earned when stealing, or otherwise breaking the settlement rules.

Citizens with the manage roles permission can also set reputations manually.

  • Tip: Set your own reputation to +100, so your own guards will not attack you even if you happen to go outlaw.


A templar will drop down into mines to attack aggressive creatures, if the cave and creature is on the deeded area.

Occasionally, they might get stuck, if such a cave area has no clear exit route (eg: caved in) for them to walk out of. This is usually easily identified, as a spirit templar will spam Local chat("I will take care of...") the moment another aggressive enters deed space, and it can not reach it.

Additional Notes

  • Deed guards are immune to ranged attacks, trying to aim at them with a bow yields an error.

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