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The skill of creating leather or drake hide items. Improving leather items is not limited by leather QL.

Tools Required




Leather armour

Leather armour generally provides the least amount of base defense. However it also has one of the smallest penalties to attack speed and walking speed. Leather armour has defensive bonuses to bashing, while the equipment itself also gets extra damage from cutting. A full leather set weighs 3.2KGs and will slow you to 15.40KM/h on cobblestone when worn.


The QL of the leather armour piece made will be the lesser of 20% of your leatherworking skill or the QL of the leather used.

Studded leather armour

Studded leather armour generally provides a moderate amount of base defense with similar penalties as leather armour. Studded leather armour represents a good common ground between speed and reasonable defense though still less base defense then plate provides. A full studded leather set weighs 4.9KGs and will slow you to 14.77KM/h on cobblestone when worn.


You may not be able to make a studded leather jacket if it is the first studded leather armour piece you attempt. Try to create another piece first.

Drake hide armour

Drake hide is the best leatherworking-based armour existing in Wurm. Its protection rating is between chain and plate, yet more sensitive to cutting and piercing than chain armor. Drake hide armor has the lowest penalty to and walking speed other than scale (about 16 km/h on cobble) and is very lightweight.


Skill of 30 in Leatherworking is required to make rugs. Fur (3kg) and salt is required to create a rug. Fur is reduced in weight on failures.



Equipment for mounts


  • Tanner at 50 skill
  • High Tanner at 70 skill
  • Master Tanner at 90 skill
  • Master/Mistress of the Hide at 100 skill
 First to reach this skill is Willow at 3-5-15
 [22:01:44] <Willow> here you go guys  [14:02:51] Your title is now Mistress of the Hide.