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Brazier pillar
A Brazier pillar
Total materials
  • Brazier pillar
Skill and improvement


A pillar with a golden brazier on the top.


  • Decorative lamps are stationary light sources that often require higher skill and more materials than street lamps. They can be planted much like a sign and can be picked up by the planter only.
  • You need 10 digging skill to plant a lamp, and the lamp must have at least 10 effective quality.
  • Planted lamps that fall below 10 effective quality due to decay or other damage become unplanted, and can be picked up normally.
  • There's no limit to how many decorative lamps you can plant.
  • When planted on a deed, lamps will be automatically lit during night and unlit during the day. They respond to manual control though, and when snuffed, will stay dark at night. This is also true after planting, so you need fuel to light them the first time.
  • Lamps within 24 tiles of a deed that has one or more Spirit Templars, and a source of olive oil within a huge oil barrel, will be kept filled, and so stay lit indefinitely.


  • Braziers may be powered by olive oil or tar.
  • The lamp quality determines how far the lamp will illuminate.
  • Lamps can be bashed off deed as well as picked up if they have 70+ dmg and/or are 10 quality and below.
  • Minimum masonry skill required is 30, but creation success is affected by the brick ql.
  • Using visibility setting of Extreme, braziers are visible from approximately 80 tiles away.
  • Uses 0.13kg oil or tar to fill.
  • Loading requires a wagon.
  • Can be created using stone brick, marble brick, rendered, pottery brick, rounded stone, sandstone brick, or slate brick.
  • The rendered material also requires one clay (additional material) to create.
Brazier pillar material types

Decorative lamp types