Marble brazier pillar

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Marble brazier pillar
A Marble brazier pillar
Total materials
  • Marble brazier pillar
Skill and improvement


A pillar with a golden brazier on the top.


  • Marble brick ql effects success chance of initial combine.
  • Minimum skill required is 30.
  • At 84 Masonry skill with 66 ql Marble brick and 52 ql Mortar the creation chance is 74%. A 40 ql Marble brick has a 53% chance.
  • On deed, the Marble brazier pillar functions in the same way as other light sources, such as lamps.
  • Using visibility setting of Extreme, braziers are visible from approximately 80 tiles away.
  • Improve with marble shards.
  • Uses 0.13kg oil to fill.
  • Loading requires a wagon.

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