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A Milk
  • Milk (1.0 kg)
Skill and improvement


White, frothing, full fat milk.

Milk can be directly consumed as well as used as a component to many cooking recipes.


  • Can be processed into cheese with a cheese drill.
  • Can be processed into butter and cream.
  • Used in many cooking recipes.


  • Cows produce Brown cow milk
  • Sheep produce Sheep milk
  • Bison produce Bison milk


The best option to store milk is in a barrel sealed with a peg or wax sealing kit.


  • More milk can be produced per animal at higher milking skill.
  • Smaller containers can be used during milking which results in a smaller milk harvest.
  • Cows, sheep, and bison can be milked several times per day. Exactly how often this is varies. It is possibly related to age and how well fed the animal is.
  • When consumed directly, milk will replenish the player's water/hydration bar by approximately 4% for every 0.1 of volume consumed.
  • Milk is always 100 quality when first produced. Milk damaged through various means may then result in an effectively lower quality milk.
  • Milk produced from different types of animals cannot be combined.