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Main / Skills / Nature / Milking


Milking is a skill used when milking cows, sheeps or bisons.


To milk an animal, activate a container like a jar, a small bucket or a water skin, right-click the cow and choose Milk.


  • An animal can be milked several times per day.
  • Milk is always 100 QL when milked, but combining damaged milk results in lower QL. Milk can be used in cooking to make cheese, batter, butter, icing and many more ingredients, which can be used in lots of different foods.
  • The amount of milk produced depends on milking skill level and age of the animal, similarly to foraging, botanizing, and harvesting from trees/bushes and trellises.
    • 1.00kg below 26 skill
    • 2.00kg at 26 skill (maximum amount for Adolescent animals)
    • 3.00kg at 53 skill (maximum amount for Mature animals)
    • 4.00kg at 80 skill


  • Milkman/Milkmaid at 50 skill
  • Milking Machine at 70 skill
  • Cow Whisperer at 90 skill
  • Udder Madness at 100 skill