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Small barrel
A Small barrel
Total materials
  • Small barrel (2.0 kg)
Skill and improvement


A small wooden barrel.


  • Used for storing items.
  • Can store liquids.
  • Some items can be placed on top of a small barrel, as decoration. Since the item is a container already, any items placed on it will be dropped on the ground when it is picked up; a message in event log will notify the player of this.


  • It is the quality of the small nails that determines the success rate.
  • If the initial creation fails, the nails and the plank are damaged.
  • The barrel's wood type is dictated by the type of plank you attach last.


  • Can be sealed with a peg to prevent decay of the contents.
  • Can be stored in a small barrel rack.
  • Has a liquid capacity of 45 kgs.
  • 0.36 kg of dye is needed to paint the small barrel.
  • A list of common items that can fit in a Small barrel can be found in the Containers list.

See Also


Ten small barrels, made from each available tree type as labeled.

Large Barrels with different woods as labelled. Small barrels for the worn / decayed looks.
Apple: Birch: Cedar: Cherry: Chestnut: Fir:
LargeBarrel-Apple.png LargeBarrel-Birch.png LargeBarrel-Cedar.png LargeBarrel-Cherry.png LargeBarrel-Chestnut.png LargeBarrel-Fir.png
Lemon: Linden: Maple: Oak: Oleander: Olive:
LargeBarrel-Lemon.png LargeBarrel-Linden.png LargeBarrel-Maple.png LargeBarrel-Oak.png LargeBarrel-oleander.JPG LargeBarrel-Olive.png
Orange: Pine: Walnut: Willow: Worn: Decayed:
LargeBarrel-Orange.png LargeBarrel-Pine.png LargeBarrel-Walnut.png LargeBarrel-Willow.png SmallBarel-Worn.png SmallBarel-Decayed.png